Pure Salmon rejected by residents for environmental reasons

By by Michelle Singer September 12th 2022

Pure Salmon, the project of the Singaporean investment fund 8F Asset Management is again being rejected for environmental reasons.

The Pure Salmon project is based on recirculating aquaculture systems and has already been rejected from Boulogne, Brittany and Pas-de-Calais after residents mobilized against the water wastage this system requires.
Two petitions of 47,000 and 62,701 signatures respectively were submitted to elected officials which led to the Pure Salmon projects being dropped in the region.
Now "Pure Salmon" has tried to implant itself in Nord-Médoc right in the PNR (Regional Natural Park). For many reasons Pure Salmon systems are in direct contradiction with the regional program for the environmental good.
Ras is in direct conflict with regional program for the protection of wild salmon, a highly migratory and threatened species. Pure Salmon pumps the equivalent of the energy of a city of 10,000 inhabitants: between 550 m3 to 2750 m3 of water depending on the season. A petition was launched by the inhabitants, and Pure Salmon will no doubt have to abandon this region as well.

Pure Salmon and its investors are left literally high and dry.

RAS or recirculating aquaculture systems attracts investors and wealth management organizations. Investors must make sure the systems make good use of preventative measures.