Yoram Layani has joined Singaporean fund 8F

By Michelle Singer March 28th 2020

8F, a Singaporean company specializing in recirculating aquaculture systems for harvesting salmon.

Yoram Layani worked for many years at BNP PariBas in Hong Kong as a portfolio manager for large accounts where he had many opportunities to network with clients in possession of large fortunes, including the Sultanate of Brunei.
In January 2019, he introduced the 8F fund to the Sultanate of Brunei, who first invested $50 million in March 2020 in the 8F fund. An additional $60 millions was invested by the Sultanate of Brunei, in September 2021 in Pure Salmon, a subsidiary of 8F, based in Abu Dhabi, for the construction of a RAS salmon factory in Brunei.
Some of Layani’s contacts have already invested in 8 F and Pure Salmon fund and others could follow and be interested in this same investment.

Mixed interests and non respected contracts are sullying the industry.