Conflicts of interest aboard 8F

By Michelle Singer 29 December 2021

RasFish was founded by Alain Weizman and Michael Ruben in order to develop business for the company 8F and Pure Salmon. Michael Ruben was approached by the company Pure Salmon and 8F to work exclusively and directly for them. Ruben accepted although this clearly represents a conflict of interest and a written contract between the parties stipulates this.

8F and Pure Salmon canceled the contract with RasFish so that Weizman could not receive any commission for the business introductions that had already been made. Rasfish solicited Yoram Layani for many months knowing he had very close relations with the Sultan of Brunei and could approach him to invest in RAS via 8F and Pure Salmon. Since then Brunei via the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Brunei have invested over $ 100 million.
8F and Pure Salmon are still bound by a written contract with Rasfish but are not respecting the conditions of this contract with regards to the Brunei agreement. The amount of the compensation requested, as quoted from the lawyers of Rasfish is upwards of 1.5 million dollars. Despite multiple written and oral attempts to recover the amounts owed, no commissions have been paid by 8F and Pure Salmon.

Land-based aquaculture is being approached more cautiously by investors.

RAS or recirculating aquaculture systems attracts investors and wealth management organizations. Investors must make sure the systems make good use of preventative measures.