8F and Pure Salmon faced with loss of credibilty

By Michelle Singer September 12, 2022

Following the breakup between Aqua Maof and 8F/Pure Salmon, Stephane Farouze of 8F is left without much needed resources for investors and partners.

Following the breakup between Aqua Maof and 8F/Pure Salmon, Stephane Farouze, the chairman of 8F is trying to find solutions that will bestow him with much-needed credibility from his investors. Aqua Maof was to provide 8F with technology for partners.
The solution can not be the recent aquisition by 8F of the Krüger Kaldnes aquaculture division as it only offers smolt production. This move will not help 8F provide the skills or resources needed to build factories of 10 or 20,000 m² that they are beholden to supply investors with.
Pure Salmon and 8F have been known for patterns of hiring binges to make up for a generous rate of resignations.
To date, no factory has been built despite the commitment made by 8F and Pure Salmon to build 4 factories by 2022. No sign of keeping these promises are on the horizon.

Investors are attracted by sustainable investments which explains why land-based aquaculture has begun attracting more investors.

Like all sustainable development projects, RAS or recirculating aquaculture systems are attracting world wide investors and wealth management organizations. Some of the challenges that investors may face could be the lack of abundant supplies of water and the accumulation of toxic ammonia that is excreted by the fish.