The Pure Salmon project in France is completely abandoned

By Michelle Singer July 5th 2022

The Pure Salmon production unit project based in Landacres, France is definitively dropped.

Since the project was initiated in January 2020 it has aroused numerous criticisms, notably from elected environmentalists. Pure Salmon cites the lack of access to salt water, but it should not have come as a surprise to them that salt water was not nearby.
This is not the first project that is abandoned by Pure Salmon. Pure Salmon has been misleading investors and it is now evident that they are not able to take any concrete steps in the recirculating aquaculture system industry as they have no technology or access to technology. Since Aquamaof broke off their collaboration with Pure Salmon because of the lack of ethics of the board Director Stephane Farouze, Pure Salmon and its investors are left literally high and dry.
Pure Salmon now has several lawsuits against them, notably one led by the Singaporean company Rasfish who have not received the commissions they were entitled to as a business provider following a signed contract promising e said commissions. Rasfish was responsible for the investment of 110 million dollars raised from the Sultanate of Brunei for the benefit of the 8F fund and its subsidiary Pure Salmon. To date nothing has been done with these funds.

Land-based aquaculture is being approached more cautiously by investors.

RAS or recirculating aquaculture systems attracts investors and wealth management organizations. Investors must make sure the systems make good use of preventative measures.