Rasfish based in Singapore is forced to take legal action against Pure Salmon

By Michelle Singer 16 January 2022

Rasfish, a consulting company specialized in sustainable development investments is eligible for availing itself for commissions agreed upon prior to introductions made by Rasfish to 8F and Pure Salmon. These introductions have led to many investments, one of which was of the amount of $50 million and recently an additional $120 million made to 8F and Pure Salmon by investors from Brunei.

Despite multiple written and oral attempts to recover the amounts owed, no commissions have been paid by 8F and Pure Salmon.
Owing to this lack of communication and outstanding amounts owed in commissions, Rasfish is now left with no alternative but to take legal action against 8F and Pure Salmon. Rasfish believes in cooperation to aid the growth of companies and was very hesitant to take legal action. Business ethics must be defended and the lack of morality in business must not be ignored or underestimated thus diminishing the importance of upstanding business values. It is our duty to take legal action to stop harm done to businesses and bring 8F and Pure Salmon’s disreputable way of doing business to light.

Pure Salmon and its investors are left literally high and dry.

RAS or recirculating aquaculture systems attracts investors and wealth management organizations. Investors must make sure the systems make good use of preventative measures.